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How to Have a Productive Day?

I remember the days when I would wake up in the morning and would be all tired, fatigued, and the feeling of not to accomplish anything in the day. Having …. No motivation No desire No

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Getting up Supercharged from Your Bed ….

Trin Trin … The alarm is ringing. “Snooze Snooze “ You are pressing the Snooze button on your cell phone. You wake up. Lay there for minutes & some times hours. Not

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If you Want to Grow , Fear is Necessary

Quick Question !! What is your Relation-ship status? Not your matrimonial status, rather, what is your relation with the most PRIMAL EMOTION of  FEAR. Let’s try to explore it. Does FEAR drive

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Be Wise with your Words –

  Remember the Last time , when some-one you loved , happened to priase the way you dressed or appreciated the new hair cut you wore .What kind of impact did these Lavish words of praise have on you

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Magical way to make people trust you more !

Use this Simple yet Magical Way to make people be more Compliant to you , Always   With out meaning any rebuke to shakespere’s realm of understanding about the importance of one’s name , it

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Do you want to become every one’s Favorite ? Just Include this quality in your Personality –

Add Media A Smile ! Yes , a Smile is perhaps the most sought after trait in one’s personality ; more than one’s enormous possessions of Gold and Glitzy Diamond sets . Can you remind your-self

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