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Be Wise with your Words –


Remember the Last time , when some-one you loved , happened to priase the way you dressed or appreciated the new hair cut you wore .What kind of impact did these Lavish words of praise have on you ? Lets try to reflect on those feelings . Perhaps you felt a sudden tinge of upliftment in your inner self ; or perhaps a spark of self-entitlement gushed up  inside of  you .

On the flip side , can you recall the kind of stormy feelings that erupted inside of you when sitting amongst a group of your buddies , a way-ward friend of yours spitted some distaste ful line for you ; it could be a sudden ridicule or perhaps a not-so-funny joke about you . Resultantly , ever one burst into laughter . Even you let yourself float with the tide of unceasing laughter in the room. But be honest with yourself and yell and tell as to what actually you felt Deep down ? Lets summon those feelings now – Perhaps you felt estranged or may be a bit embarrassed . Perhaps you developed some sullen despise for that unruly friend of yours .
Sounds familiar ?

The whole purpose behind revisitng your past experiences is to impress upon the inexorable power of WORDS which they wage upon our Emotional Moods . Why is that ? Simply put , words have powerful mechanisms working behind them . These mechanisms exist no where else , but right in the emotional engine of our brains.
A distasteful word triggers a bad emotion inside of us , while , a pleasant word creates a state of ecstasy and bliss inside of us .

Hence , next time you use your words , remember that “First weigh your words before you Speak , as spoken words are like shot arrows that can’t be reversed “

PS: More on the Phenomenon of Words & their wise usage Coming Soon !!