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How to Have a Productive Day?

How to be Productive?

I remember the days when I would wake up in the morning and would be all tired, fatigued, and the feeling of not to accomplish anything in the day.

Having ….

  • No motivation
  • No desire
  • No hopes

Just a taste-less life with nothing to offer.

Usually, this feeling would be a result of :

  • A past day filled with failure
  • A past day mired with unfulfilled expectations
  • A bad episode with a family member
  • Society’s negative events that I would take to my heart

And countless other reasons.

Once I began evolving, I realized that:

It is not that much which happens outside, but how much I let that particular event, that bad yesterday, that worrisome tomorrow, take hold of my senses”

That was an Aa-ha! moment in my life.

So, {{first_name,fallback=Brother / Sister }} , in case you had a bad day yesterday, do these steps:

1) Wake up in the morning.
2) Realize that its a NEW DAY.
3) You are reborn today.
4) You can take control of today.
5) You will do at least one thing better, more positive today.

This day, Monday, 15th June 2020 is the best day of your life, because you ONLY have this day in front of you.

The past is gone & future is not promised.

So will you waste “today”?

If you have been reading me for at least 1 month, your answer will be ” NO, I will make this day to the best of my Life”

So get up !

1) Make a list of what you need to do.
2) What you have always wanted but what you are delaying.
3) What makes your blood gush in excitement when you think about it .
4) After writing it, you need to take one step towards it, just one step, it could be booking an appointment with your therapist, it could be calling your angry mom or dar or friend, it could be enrolling in a course.