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If you Want to Grow , Fear is Necessary

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One Step Further into Becoming “Fearless ” in your Life :

So, this is the **Second Part** of our Becoming fearless Series.

Why am I teaching you to become Fearless?

Reasons are Abound …. Such as :

> So that You Can Be a Strong Muslims ( Muslimah ) who can Practice Islam fearlessly.
> So that You can become an Amazing Father OR Mother to your Kids .
> So that You can Face the Challenges in Life & Never again ” Chicken Out ” .
> So that you can Improve your Financial status & Help uplift your ownself & Serve the Ummah financially
> ……………… ( You may Add more Reasons )

Remember Please

” _To Excel in your Life, one of the MOST IMPORTANT ingredient is that, you should be able to “ Manage your Fear_ “

What do I mean by ” Managing Your Fear ” ?

Pay Attention to what I am saying now , as it can change your Outlook on Life:

You Shall Always Feel Fear, as long as you Shall continue to Grow

For Example: Imagine you are a good driver & You Can Drive a Car very Well in the City, but Once you Decide to Drive the Car on a narrow Hilly Road, with steep Valleys on the edge of Road, then you might FEEL FEAR.

Imagine You can swim well in a Swimming Pool, but when you go with your family to the Sea and you see the Big Waves in you might Feel the fear.

Like wise , you are working at a certain Position in a company , but when you think about Changing the Job at another position with greater responsibilty , then you **might feel Fear .** Even the i dea of Changing the Job , might give you Shivers .

**BIG REALIZATION** >> When ever you are going to Step out of your Comfort Zone , you Shall feel the Fear ; When ever lyou want to GROW ( Emotionally , Financially , physically) you shall feel fear .

How to Use this Realization ?