If you Want to Grow , Fear is Necessary - Shaytan's Waswas (whispers)Cure

If you Want to Grow , Fear is Necessary

waswasa waswas in Islam

Quick Question !!

What is your Relation-ship status?

Not your matrimonial status, rather, what is your relation with the most PRIMAL EMOTION of  FEAR.

Let’s try to explore it.

  • Does FEAR drive you OR you drive fear away?
  • Are you most times scared to meet new people & situations?
  • When guests come in your house, how do you feel?
  • Does a job interview drive you go in whirl pools in your head?
  • When Planning something Big, do you feel a bit shaky?
  • When making a DECISION to do something uncomfortable, how do you react?

Why am I teaching you to become Fearless?

Reasons are Abound …. Such as :

  • > So that You Can Be a Strong Muslims ( Muslimah ) who can Practice Islam fearlessly.
  •  So that You can become an Amazing Father OR Mother to your Kids .
  •  So that You can Face the Challenges in Life & Never again ” Chicken Out ” .
  •  So that you can Improve your Financial status & Help uplift your own-self & Serve the Ummah financially

    Remember Please!!

” To Excel in your Life, one of the MOST IMPORTANT ingredient is that, you should be able to Manage your Fear”  

What do I mean by ” Managing Your Fear ” ?

Pay Attention to what I am saying now , as it can change your Outlook on Life:

You Shall Always Feel Fear, as long as you Shall continue to Grow   (Lesson 1) 

For Example:  Just imagine that you are a good driver & you Can drive a Car very well in the city, but once you decide to drive the car on a narrow Hilly Road, with steep Valleys on the edge of Road, then you might FEEL FEAR.

Imagine You can swim well in a swimming Pool, but when you go with your family to the sea and you see the big waves, does the FEAR step in?

Like wise , you are working at a certain Position in a company , but when you think about Changing the Job at another position with greater responsibilty , then you **might feel Fear .** Even the i dea of Changing the Job , might give you Shivers .


When ever you are going to Step out of your Comfort Zone , you Shall feel the Fear”

A similar concept is that “when ever you want to GROW ( Emotionally , Financially , physically) you shall feel fear” .

Fear : An Enemy or a Friend ?

You may be surprised to hear that , Fear can be your best friend as well as your most intimidating enemy.  

Fear as Friend – Allah Suban wa Ta’ala , has put a certain amount of fear in every human being ; in fact every species , as fear saves us from getting Hurt or Killed . So Fear is one of a Natural ” Safety Mechanisms ” .

We Feel afraid at driving at higher speeds of car , we feel afraid of going out in the Dark , we feel afraid of swimming in the Sea when the waves are furious or if we don’t know to swim properly, A Small Child feels fear to see strangers other than his Mom and dad. So , in a manner , Fear protects us naturally from being hurt.

Fear as an Enemy – As an enemy, fear can push us from feeling ” Happy ” & ” Progressive ” in our Life. Fear as an enemy can stop you from being ” Confident ” and taking ” Risks” in your life.

Enemy form of Fear can hinder your chances of becoming a Good Parent or Partner.

Even in your Profession , Enemy Fear can push you behind your own expectations

Therefore , another Lesson for you to Remember is that :

Fear can either act as your Friend OR Your Enemy  (Lesson 2)

Managing FEAR 

Now, let’s move towards “FEAR CONTROL”.

 Do you remember your child-hood?

Ok, let’s go back to your CHILDHOOD.

Remember, how many things you were SCARED of?

1) It could be insects
2) it could be Going outside the home alone
3) It could be facing situations in your class rooms
4) It could be EXAMS
5) It could be your own Parents/ or elder siblings.
6) It could be DARKNESS
7) Fear of Driving bikes/ cars or Swimming in Water.


QUESTION: How many of those FEARS do you still have?

If you make an HONEST LIST , then at-least HALF of those fears have DISAPPEARED.

But Why & How?

Here are the REASONS.

1) Your mind matured, and it stopped seeing use-less fears in those objects/ situations, which your tender mind use to perceive as a threat.

2) You un-intentionally EXPOSED you-self to those fears, and a time came when your MIND said, “Ok! This is something normal and not to be scared of”. For example going out for shopping and meeting friends and leaving home alone on your own and coming back safely.

3) You intentionally EXPOSED your-self to those fears, for-example “Taking driving lessons” , ‘ Learning to Swim’ , ‘ going on air-plane’ etc. to make your mind realise

Oh, I can handle it”.

Do you see the PATTERN here?

Here is the Bottom Line:

What-ever you EXPOSE your-self to would LOSE its power over you, in a matter of time” (Lesson 3)


But you could ask me “Hassan! If it were that easy, would I not be doing it already?”

I would say, “You are exactly RIGHT”.

However, as You know, I suggest anything based on PROVEN SCIENTIFIC & SPIRITUAL methods and solutions.

Therefore, read it ahead, to understand.

“At this point in life, you could be in your 20’s or 30’s or even 40’s and 50’s”, and with the passage. of time you could have carried FEARS from Your PAST or CREATED NEW FEARS in to your present life”.

Let’s relate it to 2 of these WAS’WAS & Was’was al Kahri.

In essence, if you drill down to the very roots of these two, then they are merely “FEARS”.


That is why ‘ THEY SCARE YOU into Fear of Losing”

1) Your connection with Islam
2) Your sanity of mind
3) Your Happiness and Joy

But mind it, that the very ROOT of these Was’was/ Was’was al Kahri is FEAR.

You get a WAS’WAS related thought and it pushes you digressing into Circles and loops of thought after thought, and finally what do you do?

You become Scared & You try to SOLVE it by REMEDIES, most of which you have learnt by reading or by listening to You-tube Vids or some friend/ family suggested you.

Or worse, you to hide it from the world on the fear of being JUDGED & Mis-understood.

Isn’t it like that?

Don’t worry, I have seen it all and been there as well.

Now, lets talk about SOLUTIONS, as you know, I believe in you and your ability to TAKE ACTION.


 In a single line, you will have to EXPOSE your-self to your fears.

I know it scares you.

I know it seems impossible

But the ONLY WAY for your FEARS to dis-appear is by LEARNING & ENABLING your-self to face them.

But DON’T Worry !

I am NOT pushing you into FEARS, all at once.

It can be done in a SYSTEMATIC & SAFE WAY.

Something you can CONTROL.

Step by step !!

Just Like , in order for you to overcome your FEAR of swimming in a river, I will teach you how to Swim in a gentle, nice swimming pool.

In that direction, to overcome your ‘subconscious & circumstantial‘ fears, I recommend that you first LEARN your own self deeply. 

Yes, KNOWLEDGE about your self is the first key towards freedom from fear. 

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