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Cure Your Was’was & Weh'm Forever

Regain Control Over 

Your Thoughts !!

  • This guide will help you get completely free from the shackles of the whispers of Shaytan.

  • The whispers that have been casting doubts inside you while performing wudhu and salah, thus ruining the contentment of your ibadah.

  • The whispers that have been draining your energy and make you hate even thinking about doing wudhu and performing salah!!! That's what Shaytan wants from you, and you are falling victim for his plans.

  • But it's time to wage a war against Shaytan, to make you strong enough to fight these temptations and compulsions that have been over-powering you.

by applying in-depth Islamic Solutions and psychological techniques?

Do you Have Some Or all of these Symptoms ?   

  • Are you wasting Lots of Water by repeating your Wudhu / washing your private parts since you doubt that you have leaked urine drops or passed gas , but you are never sure if your wudhu was Nullified or not ?
  • Are you worried Lately , since your mind can not concentrate on simple acts of Ibadah ( Salaát , Zikr , recitation of Quran etc ) due to Certain Delusional thoughts ?
    • Are you seeing frightful dreams about your loved ones ; making you very terrified ?
  • Does your Mind whisper that you are slipping towrds "KUFR" Slowly ?
  • Are You Spending too much time in Wash room /toilet needlessly ?
    • Are you wasting Lots of Water by repeating your Wudhu / washing your private parts since you doubt that you have leaked urine drops or passed gas , but you are never sure if your wudhu was Nullified or not ?
  • Are you getting blasphemous thoughts about sacred personalities ( Angels , Allah , Prophets ) and despite your best attempts you are unable to stop these thoughts right in their tracks ? 
  • Are you hearing strange voices and the people with whom you discuss this think that you are getting Crazy or paranoid ? 
    • Do you forget your rakah or other arkan of salah and constantly get the urge to do sajda sahw in almost every salah?

      If your Answer is YES , then most probably you are dealing with Waswas just as the cases below :

I have been suffering from severe waswas. Ever since I have started practicing my religion, I have been getting these ill thoughts about Allah (SWT) in my head to the point where I cannot tell anyone what I am experiencing because of the embarrassment. 

A Muslim Brother 

I am suffering with waswas . Sometimes I get waswas on saying Allaah also and some times it takes me more than half an hour to read one ruku of quraan shareef . And I am always doubtful in taharath(Purity ). Always it feels like urine has passed . I dont know

Jane Doe, ACME Inc.

waswasa waswas in Islam

How is This Book Going to Help You ? 

This Book , “Cure Your Was’was Forever“ is a simple to READ & ACT guide . It comprises of all the knowledge about cures and remedies to rid yourself from the Weham and Was’was that shaytan is whispering inside you.

After reading and acting on this Book , you shall be able to:

1. To fully understand and diagnose the psychology of was’was; their origin; their Causes and the hidden symptoms. (Chapter # 1 )

2. To Self diagnose the STAGE OF WAS’WAS you are at; so that afterward you can deal with your Was’was accordingly with the help of techniques illustrated in the later chapters. (Chap # 2 )

3. To Stop Was’was Dead in Their Tracks, as soon at they shall try to take over you, while performing Salat and wudhu etc. (Chapter # 4)

4. To do away the Blasphemous thoughts so that you never carry their guilt again on your heart (Chapter #4)

Through this Book, You Shall Also Learn 

    • The reality of your dreams and to what extent they can impact your future. (Chapter # 2 & 5)
    • The Islamic ways to maintain focus during your Salaát and a meditation technique that helps you keeping a laser sharp focus in Salaát. (Chapter # 4)
      • You shall be able to detect the syptoms of was'was in your loved ones & be able to guide them before was'was can reach a chronic stage. The sooner they know it, the easier it is to heal. (Chapter # 2)
        • You will be provided the best and easy to remember Dua's from Holy Quran and Sunnah that shall guard you against any Wa'was. (Chapter # 5)

    • You shall receive many real life examples of Muslims who are dealing with was'was; in the light of their experience you can detect and cure your was'was conveniently, insha-Allah. (Chapter # 2, 3, 4)
    • You will learn the different types of Was'was; and the best cures for every type of was'was. (Chapter # 3, 4)
      • You will learn how to maintain laser sharp focus in your Ibaadaat (Salaát, Wudhu, Zikr, etc). No repetition , wasting time etc.
        • Your spiritual Life shall become serene and you shall rejoice a rejuvenated Sense of Eemaán in all your religious activities, Insha-Allah.

And a Lot more ..... 

So what are you waiting for? 

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Start your Cure Now !

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Why I Can Help you ?

M. Hassan 

Author , Teacher & Coach

Brothers / Sisters, 

Assallaualykum !  My name is Hassan & I am the author of the book " Cure your Was'was Forever" . I have a long story of my experience with was'was & then a journey towards exploring them in detail & then opting for the solutions. I have shared all my experiences as well as the authentic solutions under the guidance of Quran & Sunnah in this Book " Cure Your Was'was Forever". Hundreds if not thousands of muslim brothers & sisters have benefitted from this book. I have been teaching how to manage your inner peace , emotions , and handling  spiritual / emotional challenges for over a decade now. 

What Experts Are Saying About This Book?  

Nadia Leona Yunis
(Teacher / Muslim Mentor /Coach) 

JazaakAllah khair to Br Hassan Khalid for this amazing book. May Allah (swt) reward him for it in this world and the next. This book is a MUST for every Muslim who has ever suffered or is suffering from was'was and has said enough is enough and wants a cure now to heal forever. Br Hassan has researched this topic in depth and provided us with beneficial and practical knowledge from the Qur'an and Sunnah on how to cure our was'was, which we can implement immediately.

I have also suffered from was'was and this book is a brilliant reminder with in depth references from Qur'an and Sunnah and adhakaars which we must recite daily to protect ourselves. This book will help you as it has helped me and you won't feel alone because Br Hassan has also provided real life case studies which give us some relief that we are not alone in this -as that's how it can feel at times. Also as a mentor-coach specialising in mindset the book is useful knowledge to impart to my clients on how we can control our thoughts and how was'was is sometime linked to it too. Alhamdulilah for this book!"

Nadia Leona Yunis
- (Personal Peak Performance and Mindset Transformation Mentor-Coach-Consultant at Nadia Yunis Consultancy, UK )

Irfan  Khan
( Author / Mentor  at happymuslimfamily .org )

I had a mild waswas problem while performing wudhu so I used to take longer than other people. But as soon as I read this book, I was able to half my wudhu time instantly, Alhumdu lillah.I also discussed the concepts of the book with one of my friends who used to forget things in salah, and the next time I met him he was thankful and said that those concepts helped him in salah. So this book definitely helps people with waswas problem and I will be using the concepts I learnt from this book to help many others insha Allah.

Commonly Asked Questions .......
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How shall I receive the E book ?

The Book is in digital format. As soon as you shall pay, you shall be able to download the complete book. As a further precaution, we shall immdeiately send you the book through email.

How can I pay for the Book ?

Using your credit card or Paypal. Unfortunately debit cards do not work. 

What If I lose the Book ?

No worries! You just need to contact me at And before you lose your temper, I shall be emailing you the book again right away. So, give this worry to my team & me. Your purchase is Insha Allah secure for a life time with us. 

What if I don't benefit from the Book?

Again, no Worries. You can email me back within 30 days of purchase. And I shall be returning your amount. No questions asked !!!

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Yes! I am serious.
I am such sure about the effectiveness of the methods written inside this Book that I offer a 100 % Money back Guarantee. Read this book from cover to cover and more importantly implement the solutions written inside it. I am sure it shall Insha-Allah help you control all kinds of your was'was . But if still you decide that this book is not for you ,then you can ask for a full refund  within 30 days. And I shall not be asking you for returning the book. That is a Promise!