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Getting up Supercharged from Your Bed ….

How to wake up supercharged

Trin Trin …

The alarm is ringing.

“Snooze Snooze “

You are pressing the Snooze button on your cell phone.

You wake up.

Lay there for minutes & some times hours.

Not wanting to get up.

Are you being lazy?

maybe! or Maybe Not, as there could be something deeper than tagging your state as LAZINESS.

For, I have been called that a million times, without understanding why I do what I was doing.

Procrastinating, overly thinking, giving up my motivation right in the bed, welcoming yet another boring day ahead……. ( o my, I can keep adding a whole harry potter long tail to it)

Let me take you back to the scene.

Right after waking, you lay on the bed, and ” thoughts keep coming”.

Thoughts of the previous day.

Thoughts of the things you need to do.

Thoughts of having yet another boring day ahead.

And you can keep adding …..

Does it happen with you ?

Be honest with yourself?

Aren’t you inundated with thoughts once you wake up, it’s like a whole movie, taking you into a journey to Nowhere?

If these thoughts are Negative, they have already ” stolen Joy out from your Day“. Haven’t they ( Say Yes !)

If these thoughts are of ” impending bad news or bad people that you need to see, meet or face”, they have already stolen joy out from your day. Haven’t they? ( Say. Yes!)

In a way, you Write the Script of your day right there and then.

And more than often the script is of defeated day.

The script is one mired with boredom.

The script is of a lost warrior who has already fallen off the horse and is letting herself/ himself at the mercy of gushing onslaught of incoming enemies.

Good News

” You are NOT Alone”

Yes, we can all succumb to this condition.

Sometimes out of …

1) Fear
2) Anxiety
3) Loss ( loved one, goal, etc.)
5) Demotivation
6) Not finding a goal in life
7) Use of medications & drugs

How to deal with it?

  1. Empathy:

    You sometimes listen to your best friend’s problems and in an instant come up with a solution. But you ain’t that responsive when you are yourself finding yourself into a conundrum.

Yes or No?

Do you know why is that? Because your rational mind is turned off once you are met with a situation that your subconscious mind deems as a THREAT. That is the very moment when you need the best advice from yourself & still, you can’t come up with one. By the way, same happens once you are trying to fight off was’ was or OCD. But that is for another time.

Next time, you are punishing yourself in your thoughts, demotivated lying in your bed, you have to muster up the courage to power to empathize with yourself. This needs a little bit of training but to sum it up quickly, you need to tell yourself that “I am behaving like this for I have chosen to be like this & with enough effort, I can change that“. This is what i call the ” Superman Thought”. And I use this to break the onslaught of my negative thoughts once they try to convince me ” How pathetic my life has become”.

  1. Breathe

    Never underestimate the power of changing your thoughts with the power of breath. I can’t stress it enough. Now, this requires a whole set of videos on how to breathe the right way , which I am preparing for you, but as of now, once you have been slammed down on your bed by your enemy thoughts, fears and they are not letting you take off, you need to take ” 6 deep breaths”.

By ‘deep’ I mean, as deep as they can be; inhaling from your nose and exhaling from your mouth. This step is 100 times more important than what you might be thinking it to be. You might say, but I breathe throughout the day, what’s the big deal? My answer to that excuse it that ” Just try it”. Five to 10 deep breaths.

  1. Count Down

    Once you have empathized with the Superman thought, taken 5 to 10 deep breaths, its time to start counting from 6 back to 1. And you need to leave your bed when you reach one. This technique is like a million $ gift for you. You count down and leave the bed immediately.

Counting down is like an ultimatum, like a ticking friendly fire, like adrenaline in your veins to help you beat that which is holding you.

**Future Undertakings **

Try all these steps. And just as I promised, I am working on my
Becoming Bold Projectfor you to conquer your worry, your fear, your procrastination, and a lot more areas of your life with the help of such effective life-changing techniques that don’t require tons of effort or equipment. You can do them from the comfort of your own space. And one thing I can promise, you can transform your life and thank your self so much for opting for this Life-changing course.

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