Do you want to become every one's Favorite ? Just Include this quality in your Personality - Shaytan's Waswas (whispers)Cure

A Smile !

Yes , a Smile is perhaps the most sought after trait in one’s personality ; more than one’s enormous possessions of Gold and Glitzy Diamond sets .

Can you remind your-self of an actor who was receiving an award for his(her) performance in a Role but his face was cold and expression-less ; with no semblance of smile over it ?
What Does such a face convey to our senses ? First and fore-most , we get into a self debate inside of our-selves whether this person is humble or haughty ; irrespective of his(her) hotness.
Secondly , we become suspicious of this person’s Friendly behavior ; We start hearing voices , is he even worthy of holding a friendly demeanor ,ofcourse, in his own company but some where down the fine line of our senses , we are visualizing the same person’s imaginary interactions with us . We are creating scenarios in our head of the resulting scenes of our interaction (if ever) with this person . Hence we start gauging and questioning this person’s congeniality with our own social standards .

On the other Hand , Remind yourself of that Sweet Heart Character in your Set of friends who welcomes you with a face staudded with a silver smile . Or that host on the television morning show , whose face is always adorned with a heart pleasing smile . The immediate reaction to such Smiling faces is that we genuinely become interested in them . As the aroma of a well cooked Dish manages to grasp your sense of smell , like-wise a Smile tends to Capture the Sense of your sight . Unknowingly , an aura of trust and kinship , is created for the person who knows the art of wearing a decorative , genuine smile over the face .

As an old expression puts is so expressively ” A woman needs to be more aware of what she wears on Face , than what she wears on her Back ” .A woman with a moon-lit smile , delicate and warm as it conceives , Mesmerizing and Soothing as it recedes is a better ornament than any heavenly piece of Jewellary she would ever wear .Like-wise Men who use the Art of Smiling and observe it in letter and spirit in both Business and personal life make astronmical strides in their financial and private lives .

Conclusively , Divine endowed us with equal set of Lips and perhaps the same number of muscles in our face and left it upon us to either “Smile” with these lips or to “Frown & Groan ” . By the way , as they very well say that , it takes less muscles to smile than to groan .
So choice is yours and that is one of the most rewarding choice you are about to make .