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Waswas in Wudu and Possible Cures !

Waswas in Wudu

Wudu, as we know well,  is the most essential prerequisite before any Muslim can offer his Salat or recite the glorious Quran.  As a result, Waswas in Wudu are interrelated with the Waswas in Salat. Reason being that if  waswas make you believe that your Wudu has been  nullified then automatically you have to repeat the prayers as well.

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Fazeelat ( Benefits )  of Wudu :

Doing Wudu has uncountable physical and spiritual benefits; Let us  take a brisk look at them to realize the importance of doing wudu.

Wudu is the Cure for Anger / Stress / Fury :

Therefore, the Prophet (pbuh) advised a person who got furious to make wudu.                                                                   (Abu Dawud, Adab, 3; Musnad, 4/226)

Wudu sheds away our  Sins

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that :

             LISTEN TO ME CAREFULLY ! Shall I inform you about the deeds through which Allah eliminates mistakes and increases your ranks ? To Make your wudu fully and completely despite its difficulties  . to go to a mosque from a distant place and to wait for the next prayer . (Nasai , Taharah 107 ) “

Wudu , A Muslim’s Recognition Mark , in After Life :

Hazrat Abu Huraira ( RA) narrates that we asked the messenger of Allah : “O Prophet of Allah how shall you recognize your Ummah, coming after you? ”  The Prophet Muhammad ( May peace Be Upon Him ) Said: ” My Brothers who will come after me will appear with their foreheads and Wudu organs shining on the day of judgment . I will wait for them next to the pond of kawthar “.  ( Nasai , Taharah, 110)

Major Waswas in Wudhu :

So coming to the main point – Types of  Waswas in wudu which a Muslim usually faces: Here  we have enlisted the major sub-kinds of was’was which a person undergoes during or after his Wudu.

  • Doubt of Forgetting to Wash a certain part  in Wudu
  • Urge to repeat  the Wudu even after its completion
  • ​Doubt of passing of Gas / Urine after completing Wudu
  • Wasting of too Much Water in Wudu
  • Was’was al Qahri  in Wudu (  Extreme Obsession with Clealiness  ) / Medical illness
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You can check from the list above as to which type of waswas in wudu is making you restless . You may find one or many of these conditions. As for the last one, Was’was Al Qahri ,  in such case Waswas become such intense that they take shape of a medical illness . This stage usually requires medical check up and attention along with the Islamic cures.We are working on creating a whole Video Course on the same Was’was Al Qahri in which we shall teach you how you can self-cure yourself  from this extreme Was’was al Qahri , by applying the psychological techniques and therapies. As for other mild Was’was in Wudu , kindly refer to the cure below:

Cure For Mild Waswas in Wudu :

The first step in Curing your Waswas in Wudu is to develop a muscle of confidence inside your brain .   Let me share with you what happened to me during my waswas in Wudu .My Personal Was’was in Wudu Story : As soon as I would start my Wudu , I would get lost in thoughts of  very ordinary nature . Sometimes I would start to think about the pending things that I had to still complete and other times I would be reminded of a very emotional event from my past .  And what would happen as a result of this ?   As a result , I would forget in the middle of my Wudu , what I had washed and what not . And I would repeat My wudu . Likewise , it used to happen to me and it still happens sometimes , that in the middle of my wudu I would doubt having leaked some urine drops . As a result , I would go for cleaning myself and repeating my Wudu . But while repeating ,  as soon as I would reach in the middle of wudu , again the doubts of having leaked drops would start to pinch my mind . Extremely Annoying !!    Isn’t it?  But my case is not as worse as the next case which I am going to relate to you –

​Ibn-e- Batuta Tells a Story about Waswas in Wudu

In his Book , Ibn-e-Rahla , Ibn-e- Batuta tells the Story of Man who was suffering from extreme Waswas in Wudu. His name was Muhammad Ibn-e-Al Burhan.  Ibn-e-Batuta writes that:”  I saw him One day making wudu at the water tank of a Madrassah ( Islamic School ); He made the ritual washings and then went through them once again; and when he had wiped his head, he wiped it over several times more, but even that did not satisfy him and he plunged his head in the water tank ”  (Source : The Travels of Ibn-e-Batuta )Are you finding some similarities between your case and those who have suffered with Was’was before you?   I am sure you can.

So now coming back to the action Steps that you can take to start curing your waswas in Wudu –

  • Learn to Say  “No”:   Remember, You are not a slave to your Mind and your thoughts . No matter what your emotional experiences with yourself tell you , you still can learn to say “NO ” to your  brain.  For Example :   Suppose your Was’was tell you : ”  Mr. You have Missed Washing your Elbow “, You can say : ” No, I have not Missed it. ”  Was’was Say : ” But your Prayers will Not be accepted without washing that Elbow ”  .  You Say : ” Allah is all forgiving & He ( SWT) shall accept it , Insha-Allah” And just Carry on with your Wudu.. Complete it  …… Dont Listen to Doubts  ! Start to Say “NO” .   If you do it , then You have Defeated Shaytan in his game of making you repeat your Wudu .   Try it , Its a powerful Mind shift .
  • For Urine Drops Related Was’was  :In  extreme cases of Was’was in Wudu  , some extreme measures can be taken. For Example:  Ibn-e Umar ( May Allah Be Pleased with him) used to face was’was in Wudu.What he used to do was to wet his under garments, so that Iblees could not whisper intrusive thoughts in his mind regarding the leakage of  Urine drops after performing his Wudu. But this step must be taken in Moderation; i.e it should be taken for a short period to get initial control over the was’was.  You should  NOT always get in the habit of keeping your undergarments Wet  at all times, as it can itself  lead to Waswas.  So for getting control over was’was , you may keep your undergarment a little wet for a few days . Once you start to get control , then leave wetting the garment and carry on without it .
  •  Stop Seeking Perfection :    A Muslim  desires to decorate his Ibadah more and more such as to gain  the acceptance of Allah (SWT) . But in this pursuit , he falls into the trap of making his Ibadah perfect . Allah Subhaana taala has not demanded perfection from us ; What Allah (SWT) has demanded is to  ” Try our Best ” with the Best of intention and then Leave it upon Him “. Waswas gain ground when we try to make our Ibaadah perfect. Both in Salah and in Wudu , this tendency to take our Ibaadah to perfection leads us astray .  Islam gives us the lesson  to ” ADOPT & PRACTISE MODERATION” .   Bottom Line :  Strive to make your Ibaadah beautiful and sincere but do not try to make them perfect , as Perfection is only for  Allaha Taala . We can only strive to become better but Not perfect.

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