How to get rid of waswas in Islam ?

How to Stop Waswas in Islam

Dealing with Severe Waswas in Islam  ?   If I tell you that this problem of was’was in Islam  is such widespread that one out of every 10 Muslims is grappling with it , then it shall not be an overstatement.

How do I know it?

I got this information from the scholars with whom I discussed  my case , when I was treating my was’was.
During the same time one of the learned Scholars shared with me this:

Everyday we get at-least 50 cases of people who are under the impact of was’was . Most of those people have no clear guidance and sadly they suffer a lot from waswas .

More troubling fact is that these people who are suffering from was’was (in Islam), sometimes reach the fake healers who make these simple minded people even more confused and scared.

So coming back to the question :

How to Get Rid of Waswas in Islam? 

To stop your waswas in Islam, you need to keep a very open mind and a very well defined path. As per my studies and practise, there are three best ways to overcome your waswas.

Method # 1 : Seeking the Help of an enlightened Islamic Scholar.
Method # 2 : Enhance your knowledge about waswas through in-depth self-study .
Method # 3 : Consult a Medical professional.

We shall discuss each of these below in required details here –

Method # 1: Seeking the Help of an enlightened Islamic Scholar:

This is the most recommended method through which one can learn to treat his waswas . Our Islamic scholars are alhamdulillah very well educated and they are infact the experts on this topic. They are the authority in the cases of was’was since they acquire their knowledge about the treatment of waswasa from the most authoritative sources which are:   The Glorious Quran   &  Ahadees Of Messenger of Allah  ( May Peace be Upon him) .

Just like when you get ill , you opt for going to professional doctor,likewise, when you get spiritually ill then you should seek a scholar’s advice and treatment. Remember , Waswas is a spiritual illness and it needs proper treatment and care. We can not leave it to healing on its own as in most of the cases, the person suffering from it can get more and more entrenched in it.

What you can you Do? 

Simply go to a jama Mosque and seek a Mufti’s advice . Remember please that Jama Masjid (also spelled Jame Mosque, Jami Masjid, Jameh Mosque, Jamia Masjidor Jomeh Mosque)  is referred to as the main mosque in town or city . It is better to visit a jami mosque , since there are greater chances of meeting a learned Scholar there .He can listen to your problem in required details and can recommend you a solution.

But Never Do it !!

Please  never make the mistake of going to an Aamil (  عامل); especially someone who claims to treat you with his powers of  spirits / magic. To cure myself of was’was , I made the fatal mistake of seeking the help of some Aamils in the start ; as I was convinced by someone that they can help me overcome the waswas ( in Islam ) very quickly.

Later it turned out that the Aamil was a fraud and all he wanted was to milk out material benefits from me. Moreover, he gave  me for recitation certain  Arabic Verses which did not belong to Quran or sayings of Beloved Prophet Muhammad ( MayPeace be upon him ). But under the impact of was’was, a person usually is very scared and he is ready to hold any hand that approaches him/her for help and advice.  On the contrary, there could be some Aamils who treat you in the light of Islamic cures but finding them nowadays is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. So it is better that you approach a learned Islamic scholar who advises you in the light of Islamic teachings.

Method # 2 :  Deal with Waswas in Islam through an in-depth study

In-case you are unable to find a learned and authentic Islamic scholar due to various reasons then the second way you can adopt is to conduct an in-depth study of your problem and find a cure for yourself.
I adopted this path to the most part. But I did not do it blindly. After being disappointed from a fake Aamil , I became depressed and lost my trust in finding a cure from a second person.  As a result , I read a number of books and dived deep inside the Islamic studies and authentic resources that dealt with dealing with waswas. I must admit that it was not easy. The reason being that there was not a single exhaustive source from where I could get all the information that I needed for different types of was’was that I was facing  Most of the literature that I found was in Arabic Language and  as I am not well versed in Arabic Language therefore I could not find a solution from myself there.

But nowadays it is not that difficult on account of  many useful resources present on the internet that deal with the same problem. If you have time and stamina, you can search for the scholars on the internet to answer your specific question related to waswas.  But usually you get short replies and it is not enough for you to get enough material to start healing yourself . But at-least you can get a direction.

My major purpose of writing the ebook,” Cure Your Waswas Forever  “ was to make it easy for the fellow Muslim brothers and sisters to find all the resources at a single place.  I kept on noting and writing all the important Islamic dua’s , cures and solutions for was’was and made them available in the form of my ebook .There are some problems with the configuration of the opt-in shortcode

Method # 3 : Consult a Medical professional For Waswas(in Islam) Cure

The most extreme form of Was’was  are was’was Al Qahri. In this form of was’ was ,the affected person is pushed  into a state of medical sickness .The person suffering from such waswas is usually found in a state of such obsession with his purity and urge to perfect his Ibaadah that he repeats his wudu multiple times to the extent that he ends up taking a shower but still his mind is not satisfied. Likewise he offers his Sala’t for multiple times in fear of  it not being perfect. He is in need of washing his hands and private parts time and again but his mind is not satisfied –

This is an extreme case and medical help must be called for. Remember , the above cases that I mentioned are not simple cases of was’was where you feel the urge to repeat wudu for once or twice or to do sajda -e- sahv  usually. The cases of  Waswas Al Qahri are extreme cases : we are talking about repeating Salah for 10 times or even more and repeating wudu for multiple times etc .

So in such cases one should go to a psychiatric clinic of a reputable doctor and discuss the problem in  detail . He might give you some medicines or help you with some therapies.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

“Seek medical treatment, for Allaah has not created any disease but He has also created a cure for it, except for one disease: old age.”  ( Narrated by Ahmad, Abu Dawood, al-Tirmidhi, 2038; Ibn Maajah, . classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood. )

Conclusion : Which Path Have you Decided to Choose ?

These are the three credible ways through which you can cure your Waswas . You need to adopt the method which is best suited to your case. But one point to remember is that you should not delay your healing . Take the steps towards healing yourself in both serious or mild cases of Was’was . Because if you do not take steps now then Waswas can rob you off the peace and serenity in your life.  Deal with Waswas before they derail you from the right path .May Allah Subhaan a Taala keep every Muslim’s Emaan intact .Aameen !