Severe Waswas about Allah - Shaytan's Waswas (whispers)Cure

Severe Waswas about Allah

Waswas About Allah

Severe Waswas About Allah and shirk are perhaps the most damaging of all other types of Waswas which a Muslim has to bear with. I wanted to address this topic of waswas about Allah since I have dealt with them more than I affronted any other type of Waswas.  

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What Are Waswas About Allah and Shirk ?

If you are reading this article , then chances are that you are already very much aware of the nature of the was'was that cross our thoughts about Allah ( SWT) . But for more clarity , let me try to explain them further using the examples: 

A Muslim Brother's Severe Was'was about Allah and Shirk :

On one occasion I was riding behind my friend on a motorcycle and he “popped a wheelie” (lifted the front wheel off the ground), and I reviled the Lord, Allah forbid. Then I repented from this but waswas (satanic whispers) came to me telling me that because the incident took me by surprise, I was not thinking and I will not be brought to account for it. Similarly, this waswas comes to me about many occasions on which I have reviled Allah, Islam and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), Allah forbid. This has made me doubt myself: did I do it deliberately or not? Especially since these incidents happened to me a number of years ago and I do not remember the details precisely, so I say: O Allah, if I did it deliberately and with intent, then I repent from it. ( Source : Islaqa )

Consider Another Case : 

I used to be a good Muslim ; not a very devout one but I used to offer prayers and would seek Allah's help in times of hardships . Then life turned with all its vengeance upon me . Time and again , I found my life shattering . I lost my career , I failed at everything I tried to do ; my family suffered ,  I found myself more and more drowning into distress . 

I called Allah to save me , to help me , to come to my rescue  , but I received no Answer .  Now I have lost Trust . I do not seek Allah's help any more , as I am not sure if Allah even wants to listen to me .  Sometimes I become such insane that I abuse my life and in the same emotions I use vile language against Allah ( SWT ) .  After a While , I settle down and I start to repent  and ask for forgiveness . But then again I ask myself , " Why am I asking for forgiveness .  If Allah loved me , he would have never pushed me to these limits where I am at a loss of love for  my life , for Allah and eveything "

Why Do you Get Was'was About Allah ( Swt) ?

This was the first question when Was'was About Allah ( Swt) started surfacing in my thoughts .But I was not confident at all to ask it from anyone. My first reaction was getting such scared and petrified . I could not discuss it with anyone as I knew that this was such a sensitive topic and what if the other person does not understand me and takes me as a " Kaafir " ?  

It was after almost two years that I got the answer to this question from an enlightened scholar who heard me with an open heart and tolerance and guided me with some pearls of knowledge. I am about to share with you the exact words from that dialogue :  Here it is :
" Son !  Imagine that your family has an enemy who wants to avenge your father. That enemy is aware of the love bond between you and your father.  Since your father is a grown up man with better level of intellect , therefore your enemy has only one way to break the family bond i.e by brainwashing  YOU against your father .

So the enemy comes before you in different disguises and starts to create a small rift between you and your father by telling you how your father does not love you and does not spend on you as much as he spends on other siblings. The enemy knows your sensitive points and he hits on it by telling you that your Friend's parents have bought for him a new car , while your father would never gift you such a thing.  Listening to the SLOW POISONING Your heart shall start to gather grudges against your father. And if you shall keep listening to this enemy's whisperings , there shall come a day, when You shall become almost  Hateful towards  your own father . 

Iblees is acting upon the same strategy . 

Iblees is whispering misgivings in your heart about your creator , Allah ( SWT) ;  Iblees knows that Allah's Love for human beings is immense, and  a human also innately Loves his creator . But Ibeees , using Waswas , spews posion in the thoughts of a human being for him to become slowly and slowly disappointed from the mercy of Allah Taála .   """  UNQUOTE 

Bottom Line 

Iblees' only major goal is to Rob us off any Love, Trust and Tawakul over our Creator , Allah Subhaan Wa Taala. And the only way he can accomplish this is by whispering  "misgivings" in our hearts and thoughts about Allah ( SWT). If we shall give space to his whisperings in our hearts, then he shall become successful at his evil doings.


How To Cure Waswas About Allah and Shirk  : 

Step #1  Understanding Which Emotions trigger Waswas about Allah :

Waswas about Allah attack a person , usually when he is passing through certain emotions - 
These Emotions are : 

 Disappointed  / Sad / Stressed /Angry / jealousy / Fear of unknown   : 
Usually when a person is disappointed and sad, either due to a financial loss, illness and loss of a loved one then he /she becomes very fragile emotionally. 
This is the time  which Iblees is in the look out for.

Especially when an emotionally affected person is calling time and again to Allah mighty and seeking for his help , but the help is nowhere to be seen due to some "Hikmat" ( future benefit or Ajar )  of Allah Subhaana Taála .  

But as human beings are weak  emotionally and spiritually , therefore disappointment starts to take them over. Disappointment and sadness is a Natural emotion but in cases of spiritual matters , Iblees starts to fan the flames of disappointment by spinning bad thoughts about Allah Subhaana Taala . 
Action Step : 
So from Now on, Whenever  you feel disappointed from a certain event
> It could be Failure  
> it could be Financial Loss 
> It could be jealousy 
> It could be fear of unknown and future

You Need to let your Logical Brain come into play ,there and then , and Alarm you that these are the same emotions that lead you towards Waswas.

This  Realization in itself is a very powerful thing.

It shall not happen over night . You might fail for a number of times , but with training , you shall be able to Catch your Negative Emotions, Insha-Allah .  

So as a first cure to was'was about Allah start to keep a check over the Emotions that lead you towards Was'was  

Step #:   Recite the Dua Recommended by Prophet Muhammad  (SAW)

Your Next Reaction should be to resort to what Prophet Muhammad ( May peace be Upon him) advised us to do. He  advised us to seek Allah's help whenever being affronted by the delusional thoughts of Shaytaán.

How to Seek Instant Protection Of Allah (SWT) From Waswas of Shaitan ? 

Action Step :

As soon as you realize the attack of  NEGATIVE EMOTIONS over you & you Catch them , there and then you need to recite this Dua : 

Insha-Allah , you shall see the waswas subsiding after taking this step .   

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