How to Get Rid of Waswas in Islam ( Part 2) ? - Shaytan's Waswas (whispers)Cure

Losing faith in Islam due to insinuating doubts & Was'waas ?

One of the Most Common Cases that we have observed in the Muslims suffering from Waswas in Islam is of a gradual decline in the quality of their faith. And more commonly this starts to happen slowly; over a period of time. But it can also happen all of a sudden with no previous symptoms of was’was whatsoever. So a sufferer is always burdened with the conquest of how to get rid of waswas before they slowly steal off his Eeman.

Although there are innumerable causes that can push suddenly or at a snail’s pace drag a person towards losing his faith in Islam (Allah Forbid ) or becoming doubtful about the credibility of his Islamic faith , but below , we have tried to put together the major five cases of such waswas in Islam .

Hopefully, they shall cover most of the cases which a person experiences under the impact of such was’was about Islam.

Let’s start reading: Your goal is to find the case to which you can relate the most to .

Are you passing through Similar Waswas In Islam?

  • Case # 1 :: You expected life to become easier through Islam, but ironically Life got even tougher; so now you are slowly becoming hopeless from the mercy of Allah Ta’ala : Read the case Below to relate to –

    I was deported to Russia a few weeks ago from the United States. I spent 4 1/2 years in American jails where I took my shahada. I prayed every day, fasted during Ramadan, etc. I did good yet Allah punished me and separated me from my kin and everything I know. There aren’t many masjids here or Muslim brothers. A lot of Muslims here are responsible for crimes, it’s in the news almost everyday. Life is very hard here because the police target the Muslims so having a beard you can’t get a job. I had to shave and hide my religion from people because they don’t like Muslims. I want to say that I”m very upset at my situation and don’t want to make Salah. I don’t know why Allah has made it so hard for me if he wants me to worship him why does he send me to this kuffar country? I don’t think I will ever get married here as a Muslim.
  • Case # 2 : You were a normal Muslim living a happy spiritual life, when all of a sudden things start to shook you , as you found yourself shrouded with religious doubts.Read the case below and see if you can find any similarities with this brother :”I used to be a person with trying faith. I don’t know what happened to me but I started getting a lot of waswasa. I said my Duas to make it go away and everything but then some stuff has stuck and one second I believe and the next I have no idea. I’ve been depressed for a while because of this and I really don’t know what to do. I know all the proofs about Islam but nothing is sticking and I’ve made dua but I still feel this way.

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  • Case # 3 : A personal disability OR Tragedy has Pushed you towards hopelessness from Allah .Read a brother’s case below :”“I am a good hearted boy, 17 years old, but through all my life I have been unhappy with who I am. I am born with genetic disorder, which is that I have woman voice, and through all my life people have picked on me because of that, either saying I was a girl or I was gay…and I hate it, I want to kill that person or kill myself, and I just dont know why Allah would give a person such a disease, .

    I have no friends at all,
    i dont talk to anyone in school…and everywhere I look I see perfect people, while I feel like I am a genetic error…and I have doubts over if any woman/girl would ever love/marry me, even though I am a very handsome guy and I would treat a girl like a queen.No one takes me serious as real boy/man because of that….and somedays I just think when will this painful Life will be over… I am just wondering why would Allah give me this desease or what ever u can call it, because itsnot something that ever will go away, it will be a torture to the rest of my life. And I feel like the only one who can help me is Allah, but i cant talk to Allah and he cant change it so I could live a normal and happy life where i was equal to everyone else and where is Allah??? why did Allah do this to me? arent Allah supposed to be mercyfull and kind…
  • Case # 4 : Your mind refused to accept a certain aspect /ruling or verdict of Islamic injunction and hence it pushed you into rebellion under the force of Was’was .

    Read below a sister’s complaint :

“Why does Islam not give equal right to women when it comes to inheritance of property, etc.? It doesn’t matter what the situation was back then, women have been uplifted in our society and they work as much as we do. They clearly deserve equal share in inheritence (and other places where they get the short end but I can’t remember right now).

  • Case # 5 : Certain major GeoPolitical Incidents ( 9/11, ISIS & Media’s maligning of Islam ) shook your Belief & You can not repair it now.Read a relevant case underneath :“I’ve not been very happy to call myself Muslim after the 9/11 atrocity and I was only about 6 when that happened. I don’t like covering my hair, people look at me weirdly. I don’t like how Islam condemns homosexuals, my parent’s banned me from seeing my best friend who is gay, now he’s too nervous to talk to me because my brothers go to the same high school. And then there’s the anger of so many people! I was always told Islam was about peace… I hear of Muslim brothers saying it’s their duty to terrorize those who don’t believe, in my opinion that is truly sinful to terrorize others who do you no harm. I’m too scared to convert, because my family would punish me severely. It’s mainly the grown up men who scare me, the females are kinder to others from what I see. “

Now that you have read the cases above , the question arises is that :

“Were you able to relate your was’was with any of the above cases” ?

If your answer is “No” then you do not need to worry as in the future posts we shall be highlighting other major cases as well . But at-least reading these cases shall convince you that there can be a multitude of Was’was that can trigger your unease with your faith or cast doubt in your mind against the validity of your Eema’an .So the very first realization that should console your spiritual senses with the realization that :

Realization : ” My was’was do not and cannot define me . Because I am not what comes across my mind as a thought, no matter how much blasphemous or lurid those thoughts are. “

But ,

If your answer is “Yes” , which means that you found your was’was fall under one of the five cases that have been mentioned above then it is time for you to read the complex game plan that someone is actually setting up for you .

Who is that some one ?

Who else! It is the same creature who avowed before Allah Ta’ala that :

“Surely I will sit in wait against them (human beings) on Your Straight Path. Then I will come to them from before them and behind them, from their right and from their left, and You will not find most of them as thankful
ones (i.e. they will not be dutiful to You).” [Soorah al-A’raf(7): 16-17]

Your Enemy is none other than Iblees ( Shayta’an) – He is the prime reason behind these insulations and whispers of infidelity ( was’was , doubts ) that are challenging your Eema’an from all dimensions .

But you are not surprised to know this. Are you ? Because since your childhood, you have been informed and warned against the ill doings of shayta’an . We can all remember how our parents would repeatedly advise us to never play at the hands of the Shayta’an , since he is the open enemy of mankind and his mission is to astray a Muslim from the recommended path of virtue and truth .

But there is something which Less of us are aware of :

Most of us are unaware of the schemes of Shay’tan that he weaves to slowly slip a Muslim away from the straight path of Sunnah. All the five cases of doubts and was’was that we have discussed above are a result of the nefarious schemes and scams of Shaytaan that he such craftily spins to make our minds become inundated with countless worries and apprehensions about the essence of our faith in Islam.

His goal is none but one:

” To fill your mind with worries and scruples that you lose your focus on every Ibadah that you perform which brings you closer to the mercy of Allah Ta’ala & promises you a reward in the final abode of Jannah ( Paradise ).

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