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3 Major Sources of Your Waswas (Satanic Whispers) about Islam –


Everything that exists in this Universe has a source; be it good , bad or Ugly .  For instance ; The source of sunlight happens to be the Sun; the source of good emotions lies in staying away from the negative people ; and  the source of health lies in eating healthy and exercise .

Did you Ever wonder what is the source of  those Was’was , those satanic whispers and those delusions  that come uninvited to you?

In today’s reading we are going to explore the causes of those waswas that your are affronting in your spiritual Life now .

In the light of Islamic teachings, there are actually three sources of Was’was. Two of them happen to be discreet (i.e hidden from our senses, we can not see them ) while one of them happens to be tangible i.e we can see and communicate with this source with the five senses that humans have been endowed with.

Three Sources of Was’was :

Following are three major sources of was’was, responsible for insinuating whispers in your mind that keep you worried all the time:

  1.  One’s Own Self
  2. Shaytaán  ( Satan , Iblees  )
  3.  Mischievious Humans  ( Shayateen’s amongst humans )

We already have covered the case of shaytan in our previous posts, so Let’s explore the remaining two sources in greater details ,one by one :

Source # 1 : One’s own Self:
Understanding this psource of Waswas is extremely complex  .  I shall be trying my level best to put it as simply as possible for your understanding .

The spiritual make-up of human beings has been such created by Allah Taála that it comprises of a Soul. A soul is not a single unit ; it comprises of different portions . Every organ in your body has a soul . Forexample: Your stomach has a soul of its own and it demands water and food be fed to it .  But the soul of your stomach does not differtiate between the good food and bad food ; as you can become fulfilled either by  eating very healthy organic foods  OR by eating very unhealthy deep fried foods .

In both cases above , your stomach’s urge of eating food gets satisfied and it gives signals to your brain and you stop eating after a certain point. Even animals and their stomachs work on the same principle of soul . Hence we can say that Your stomach which acts upon its animalistic desires has an Animalistic Soul  ; that is incapable of differtiating between good /bad . Likewise your other body organs have  their own natural desires ( some of which can be very harmful for you morally and health wise )  but these individual animal souls in your body do not care about good or bad  ; they just want their desire to be satiated .

This Animalistic part of your Soul is the source behind was’was ; and it is a very lethal one –  As Prophet Muhammad (May peac be upon him )  said that  :  “The Biggest Jihad of a person is against his own Nafs ” .  So keeping all things neutral , your own NAFS is the reason behind those insinuating voices you hear in your head .

Shayateen Amongst Humans : 
During my research for finding cures from was’was ; I was surprised when i dwelled upon the fact that ” Shayateen are also walking amongst the human Beings ” . I am sure that you shall also be surprised to know this . Infact Quran has informed us of this phenomenon . Let’s read :

“Say, I seek refuge with the Lord of mankind, the King ofmankind – the Ilah (God) ofmankind, from the evil of the whisperer who withdraws. Who whispers in the breasts ofmankind. Among jinn and among men.” [(114): 1-6]

So amongst our fellow humans are such people who are the reason behind the series of was’was that we are facing .

How ?

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allaah have mercy on him) said in Tafseer Juz’ ‘Amma:

The words “Of jinn and men” refer to the whispers that may come from the jinn or may come from the sons of Adam. The whispers of the jinn are clear, because they flow through the son of Adam like his blood. The whispers of the sons of Adam often come to a person and inspire him to do evil, making it appear attractive to him until these ideas gain control of him and he acts upon them. “

In both types  of whispers , of  Men and  they have devilish inspiration in common too. Allaah says in his gloriouis book that :

“And so We have appointed for every Prophet enemies — Shayaateen (devils) among mankind and jinn, inspiring one another with adorned speech as a delusion (or by way of deception)”.

So now you are Alhumdulillah in knowledge of the major sources of Was’was that are making your liefe difficult .

In our Book , “Cure your was’was ” we have delved into these sources of was’was even deeper and we teach you on how to handle each of these sources in the recommended Islamic and psychological way .