Cure your Was'was Forever - Shaytan's Waswas (whispers)Cure

Cure your Was’was Forever


  • This Book is Your Guide to Help you dealing with Was’was in the Light of Quran & Sunnah
    Along with some of the proven Psychiatric Resources 
  • Cure Your Was’was Forever ” is an -book which will help you get ……
  • completely free from the shackles of the whispers of Shaytan.
  • The whispers that have been casting doubts inside you while performing wudhu and salah, thus ruining the contentment of your ibadah.
  • The whispers that have been draining your energy and make you hate even thinking about doing wudhu and performing salah!!!
  • That’s what Shaytan wants from you, and you are falling victim for his plans.


But it’s time to wage a war against Shaytan, to make you strong enough to fight these temptations and compulsions that have been over-powering you.