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Cure Your Religious OCD About Islam


Cure your Religious (Islamic ) Ocd ”  is a Video Course  which has specifically been designed to help those Muslims who are struggling with the Trouble  of  Obsessive Thoughts  ( Images , memories , impulses ) . Especially those of us , who are applying the Religious cures but not getting any Benefit .  If you are facing them , then you very well can relate to what I am talking about .   All of your  Obsessive conditions (  Images , thoughts ,  memories  etc ) can be summed up under the definition of Religious OCD .    And this is more of a “Psychiatric” Condition , than a “Religious” one

Although there can be countless conditions which a person can face , if he/she is undergoing the Religious OCD  episode but the most common conditions  are :

1)   Disturbing /Blasphemous Thoughts   
2)   Purity / Contamination Related Phobias ( Always feeling impure , Countless Baths)
3)  Extreme Guilt  & uncertainty about Your inner Spiritual State 
4)   Extreme Doubts ( About Purity or State of your Eema’an )
5) Sexual Disorientation (  Am I straight or Bi ?   , Am I a pervert ?  )
6)  Obscene  Sexual Thoughts ( About Sacred Relations , Sacred Personalities )

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