Double Focus Muscle in Salah ( Sal’at) ? - Shaytan's Waswas (whispers)Cure
Focus in Salah

​Learn how to
Maintain Focus
​and Never  Doubt 
Your Salah again.........

Focus in Salah
  • A simple yet amazing Method which basically trains your  mind to always be focused during any task that you are performing ; especially during your Salah .
  • Also , learn the Sunnah Method to improve the Quality of Your Salah by getting rid of all Noises and Whispers which steal your  Khushu'  (tranquility) in your Salah.
  • ​Also you shall Stop or minimize  the Doubting & Repeating of your Salah due to various doubts  such as ... breaking of Wud'hu ,  Missing rakah etc.